Real Estate Post Closing



If you’ve reached this page, you have completed your real estate purchase. So what happens now?

Well, to start, you get moving into your new home! Behind the scenes, we will see to all post-closing matters. That means we will have your deed, and if applicable, your mortgage, recorded at the County Clerk’s office. While the process could take weeks, once recorded, the original is sent to you at home. You should try to keep this document in a safe place, along with the title insurance policy that we will send you as well.

You may have noticed that we withheld a small escrow from the seller at closing for the purpose of paying their final water/sewer bill. In a few towns, this also includes the electric bill. If you receive a bill reflecting charges from any period prior to closing, send the bill to us by fax or email (or drop it off- we’d love to see you again!) and we will take care of payment from the escrow.

One question that arises from time to time is “what happens if I find something after I move in that I missed during inspections?” It’s not what you want to hear, but unfortunately, you have no recourse, except under very unusual circumstances. Unless you can prove that the seller purposefully covered something up or lied about something that you could not have discovered on your own, all liability falls in your lap once title closes. So if the hot water heater cracks two days after closing, unfortunately, that’s your issue. But let’s not think about that right now.. this is a happy time!

Of course, if you have any questions about your closing, feel free to call or email us as needed. In fact, Pickus & Landsberg is a general practice firm, and we can lend a hand with any future legal matters that arise, in a multitude of practice areas. We hope we’ve met your expectations in this transaction. It’s been our pleasure to work for you, and we would look forward to speaking with you again.

In case it’s been a while you can reach us at 732-254-5333, or you can email Evan at

Good luck in your new home!

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